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10th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 11
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10th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
<i>"Trying to get to the Junebeds requires an appointment, a gate to keep them in, and maybe some smooth talking. They never stay home for more than a week without planning a trip to see where else their influence can take them, and that's not just why they're rich... they're popular." - Patrick</i>

Kyle has one thing on his mind and that's to tell the Junebeds, Beverly or otherwise, about Vinnie's association with the Thursday thief. Of course, now that the dinner party is over, he's not having much luck trying to get their attention either. The folks are leaving now along with their rich company-- but this does leave us with something else: what follows to come is soon to be a two-person play of opinions, ordeals, frustration, and anger. Having too many is going to clutter our story, and it'll help me with my organization.

I started very late on this due to the Easter weekend and all, hence this not being posted on my usual 1am - 3am time. My sleeping schedule's been all full of mush, lol, so I gotta work on going back to sleeping a good seven hours and starting early.

Vinnie here too is based on a variety of people, including myself. Sometimes life makes you want to break down and not leave the room, weep, or shut people away from you; living one more day often becomes a mental chore, nothing ever happens right. Only death matters, possibly even those you know, or are willing to extend the hand. And he definitely does not want to be freshened up for another literal bashing coming from Patrick. Maybe there are some mental scarring...


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