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17th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 11
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17th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
We shift gears to take a look at Beverly, now stuck at home without her family has Vinnie to take care of. As if Vinnie didn't come with his own extra baggage of the mental variety, Beverly must learn to set hers aside. Or at least not spare some extra room for theirs to be put together. I had a lot of difficulty in this one as I didn't know if this page would slow things down or repeat what we probably might've already known, and finding the right dialogue - using it sparingly or a lot. But then again that is usually the case with most pages. :thanks:

A few things about this; Beverly confesses here that someone has been the boy of her dreams and nightmares. Naturally it's Patrick of course. If such of this is true, I think he's visited her a lot more often than she realizes. And that she's willing to try and bury in the back of her mind, for long and forever. Such is the case with some people, I would imagine - you put one person away and yet no matter how many times they are brought up, they will haunt you. No matter where you go, they're there. If Patrick would do something like that, would you say maybe he's attracted to her? He has something to say but can't say it? Who knows. I asked a loyal reader that question... it's possible.

Most of you will also remember Beverly's bouts with wine. The side comics at first glance play this up for a bit of a giggle, they being the side comics after all, but her ties to drinking are a bit of a problem that I think we should also remember.

...that boy drives her to drink. I think that brush with alcoholism is one bolt that could make her and break her one day. I don't think she'd go off the deep end with it, but she would make it a last resort. Thankfully, her family being there to help her in times of duress has certainly prevented any or all forms of accidents.

And of course, I think Vinnie would help her as well. He cares more for women more than Patrick may ever do.


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