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24th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 11
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24th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
<i>"...I heard the distinct sound of the broth splashing onto the floor, the bottle rolling around the large couch and onto the wall. Vincent had sprung up as if I lit up a mental flame with the match-sticks in my had, aflame all over the living room... it was an awkward position to be in. I felt as if he could almost rip the room apart with me in it-- I was afraid there, my heart was starting to pound as quickly as the seconds ticked just watching him there, the America was frozen in place...

...breathing heavily, his fists were clenched. Tight. I could hear him panting, something had set him off. All I could do now was try to talk him out of it before I could endure damage to the home." - Diary of Beverly Junebed</i>

Vinnie hasn't guessed what it is, but I think all those punches to the head and smacks of his has already ingrained in his head what the outcome is going to be. A simple conversation from Beverly has opened up a bunch of bad worms, and our poor mouse would rather not be reminded of the fighting brawl that nearly cost him his life outside of the human's home back in Issue 10. :(

i'm no expert, but I bet that abuse has caused a bit of mental trauma in him... :/ ...I mean, that gun from a few pages back looked awfully tempting.

<i>"Maybe I jumped the gun. We all do. We're all human... but I can't think of -anyone- else who is lean, blond, and wears hand-me-downs. it doesn't help that he claimed he -was- a chimney sweep at some point in his life! This wasn't something I wanted to hear, this wasn't anything I wanted to hear! All I wanted to do at the time was leave... I acted irresponsibly..." - Vinnie Edenton</i>


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