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12th Jun 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 12
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12th Jun 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
And so of course KUWT returns this week with Patrick's decision... as you can probably tell, I'm afraid he's gone and done it. :( With a hurried rush to pose as someone else, he grabs what he can of his old disguise in the hopes of taking care of these sudden new faces once more; thankfully not the cops, but a couple in search of a bed to stay in instead. Looks like Patrick now comes with a new challenge: whether or not he can fend them off long enough to not pay attention to the furnace though, is another story.

Ladies and gentlemen for those reading, the Patreon will be discontinued due to lack of activity. However, you still order Issues 1 through 3 (and I think 4 as a bonus, assuming I can find time to ask :iconsirquacky: about it when he's free) now on Payhip. So far there haven't been any orders that I am aware of but I will keep them handy until late September. After that, they will no longer be there... please order now if you still want them. :)

My apologies to anyone thinking that the KUWT Facebook is still in service. It would be, it should be, but for some reason I can't get on there at all. *shrugs* Maybe if the new internet connection service comes into light as of late this can all change, but let's not jump too far ahead. However it's in prep and discussion, my sis and I are working on the arrangements. More details when they become available.

Commissions begin on August 29th, so please be ready if you're interested!


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