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21st Jun 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 12
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21st Jun 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Patrick spent his non-thieving days watching the touring circuses, what little memories he can still remember via his mother and - to a rarer extent - his father, of whom he barely really got to see. Outside of the infamous P.T. Barnum visits that he'd also bring Vinnie with to over the years, there was one instance in which as a child he got to see the Hanlon-Lee family perform some of their famous acrobatic stunts in some fo the heights of circus's classic period back in the 19th century. (I used to tease people that this sets up a good Beatles in-joke, but Mr. Kite predates his comic by a good 50 years... so it wouldn't really work, plus, I dunno what happened to him or his troupe after 1843. xD)

To quote the wikipedia:

<i>A group of pre-Vaudevillian acrobats founded in the early 1840s, the Hanlon-Lees were world-renowned practitioners of "entortillation" (an invented word based upon the French term entortillage, which translates to "twisting" or "coiling") – that is, tumbling, juggling, and an early form of "knockabout" comedy (later popularized by such groups as the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges).

The Hanlon-Lees also patented several inventions, including the aerial safety net and a wooden brace used in the construction of scenery (which is to this day referred to as a "hanlon").</i> - more information can be found here.

As we've seen from Issue 10 and his numerous flights and running around, Patrick lends himself to be quite versitile to leaps, jumps, and setting up rigs and traps.

That being said, Patrick's mother returns... is it the guilt of the death? Or the stress of the couple? Maybe just too much to drink, perhaps. Once again she appears, this time providing a bit of snark to match some of his own - though I would imagine with his frustration trying to handle the wife of the couple, I wonder if she's being the bringer of bad news on his conscience.


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