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5th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 12
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5th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Anonymouse-Skylark won the kiriban on my 60,000th views on deviantArt, and one of the prizes was a cameo in the series! I had done this once before, on the climactic Issue 8. I won't be doing this a whole lot, but I figure maybe for every story-arc I'll do a minimum of three characters per story arc. (in which case, her character Skylark would be the first).

Beverly steps in now to defend Vinnie. We know she's fighting what may very well be a lost cause; it's her against the powers that be and the mighty legion of the law before her. But can she manage to get the jury, the people, on her side? This is going to be one iffy international incident that's bound to get people going, and a risk Beverly is going to have to take. I sure hope Beverly realizes what she's doing...

Restraining Vinnie is a challenge in her own right. When Skylark leaves the civilian's section of the room to assist her, the two manage to sustain him. (Author's Note: that's really the only way I could fit her in the page. xD)

Skylark appears courtesy of the talented artist :iconanonymouse-skylark: :) Please be sure to watch her! That's some awesome art she's got there, and hopefully when she can she'll provide you with more great stuffs. :)


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