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12th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 12
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12th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
<i>An hour, possibly a little more than that, I had been sitting there waiting in the cold. I couldn't seem to hail a ride to go home, and everyone was still inside debating the unfortunate call against Vincent Edenton. Kyle had come out of course to deliver what felt like a, pardon the expression, 'piss poor' opportunity to deride me in the public. I simply could not find myself to sit there and let those we've elected simply carry out their own version of justice... I'm no politician, I'm no law woman, nor am I a detective. I intend to be none of those three - but I intend to see this one handled with care.

My own doctor had done something that I felt was unjust. All I could do now was take Vinnie by the hand and run away with him, at least until we've had the chance to look at these so-called "confessions". If the jury was wise enough to consider calling my little spectacle a topic worth discussing, then Hubert was the cat I needed to talk to. If Kyle was telling the truth that is. Maybe someone of his stature from the disaster of a decade ago could help, I could have a fighting chance to save Vincent!

Never before had I had this sense of vigor, and the feeling was-- oddly, satisfactory.

- Beverly Junebed, January 1895 diary entry</i>

Hey everyone! How's KUWT so far? How's the new page? :3

This one was kinda done on the quickie because the commission I'm working on is something I'm putting my best efforts into, and I still have a bit more to go. :3 I love it! If only timezones weren't too bad, or workhours between us. Still, I want to give it my best effort. That said, this month is going to be so hectic because there's also the Tony Bennett thing going on, a collab I'm doing with my best friend :iconthe-b-meister:, a possible-not-so-sure yet Halloween comic I want to do, and the art show I've offered to join but still haven't finished. xD

I know, I know, I should slow down... but I'm just a guy who likes to work, work, work. :3 I'm crazy like that.

Here's hoping Beverly can turn this one around! I believe in her. :3 Do you?


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