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28th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 12
page 24
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28th Jul 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Well, we might not have a Halloween comic, but at least we get the main series. :) Maybe it's for the best, really. I think the decision to work on Geek Life at this moment in time is a very nice refreshing break from KUWT - and the signs that Issue 20 may be the last issue are evident. I can't confirm this yet, I don't think I may have the spirit enough to keep it going 'til at least 2016. But who knows. Time's a tricky mistress.

Beverly arrives too late, as Hubert and Finnigan have their debate over ethics in the field of law and justice - Hubert realized what he had done long ago was not the brightest idea... while Finnigan, fueled with hate, dedication, and a spirit, intends to prove he can fully end one mystery thief's legacy. Now, they are on their way to the police court, and what is a mouse to do when the giants walk over her again?

There was an alternate script of dialogue to this but I would rather not share it, lol. But I will say that it was both coincidental and strange that the conversation involved was so perfect for this particular scene. I was still able to edit it and come off with the same great dramatic tension I was looking for. Life really did imitate art for one particular moment.

Page 25 will commence on Thursday, and Issue 13 begins on November 6th. In-between those days I am taking a much deserved "NO DRAWING" rule, lmao.


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