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21st Aug 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 13
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21st Aug 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Heya! How ya been? Miss me?

I took a break on Thanksgiving holiday, I'm sure you noticed. Things and stress finally piled up and I might've been very antsy about it, I apologize, it's been hell. How was your holiday? KUWT's back now and resuming where we left off from the previous page, which is on the front page of my deviantArt account in case you want to catch up again.

Last we heard from our heroes was that Svenn wanted to help Beverly catch up to Vinnie. As they try to scope out where the carriage coach is going, it looks like Svenn has an idea that sounds pretty darn nutty and maybe a little distracting. Accompanied by fan-favorite Funday, things could only get stranger from here. Should Beverly even try?

Svenn's revealing a room that they had pretty much taken over from the previous tennants, and it looks more like a little weapon room! Dynamite everywhere, barrels of powder, hammers and other tools, even a pickaxe. Everything is covered in snow now that the weather's change don them, and the wind is picking up. Out in the distance is a huge stick of something - dynamite? Firecracker? We'll find out - a rocket, maybe, up ahead and covered in from the snowfall.

Beverly's not too happy with this plan.

Happy holidays everyone and it's great to be drawing KUWT again! I'm hoping to draw some Christmas gifts for folks, so hopefully I should be back into the business soon!


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