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13th Sep 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 13
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13th Sep 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Another belated page, lol, I think this new internet connection is gonna embark on some new productivity changes from me... xD;;

If you remember the side comics, and maybe even the X-Men comic cover tribute, it's been said that Milon's expanded 'bat-family' extends into many clans around the UK. Milon's back of course - but so are more, as evidenced in the shadows! And someone's got him going for a wild ride around the broken down, beaten up mansion--- Milon to the rescue!

Bats with nasty bites? Let's hope she doesn't rip him apart or worse, suck any of his blood out... then again, maybe he does kind of deserve an ass-kicking. ;) Being a criminal comes with it the tough luck of being everyone's enemy. Or maybe it's his known name, everyone's out to get a piece of the Thursday Thief. :D

Find out next week, and be sure to stay tuned for updates on the Livestream coming up! I'll let you know if it'll happen on Friday, but if not, I'll be free all weekend to give it another shot. =3


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