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23rd Oct 2016, 2:00 PM in Issue 14
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23rd Oct 2016, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"We were followed by the common dog guards. However that didn't compare to the fact that the asylum itself was managed by elephants, tigers, generally large-sized behemoths of creatures. It was no wonder why it hadn't carried humans in so long-- there were scary, and ferocious enough, to completely overwhelm the entire building. They weren't creatures you'd see in the public, and I think the 'wild' jungle nature of their jobs were what made them enjoy their work quite as much.

There was also a light-brown dog in a faded white coat, who described himself as Vinnie's personal 'psychiatrist'... The lengths the law was willing to go to make sure Vinnie was pressured into simply giving them the answers were overwhelming. They simply wanted him to say yes so they could possibly go back into using these human cells again, or maybe simply stick in more filthy criminals who deserved it. In a world of mirrors, I was the only one looking through the glass to find the real Vinnie.

But if this was all true, I figured it was best I hear it myself. i couldn't wait anymore. If Vinnie's heart was pure enough, he'd confess to me, and only me. I never asked what his execution was going to be, but given we were mice... one came to mind, though, I shudder to think the alternatives.

Vinnie was in two cages, due to our size. His cooperation kept him from being chained down like a beast who'd been created from the unholiest grave, but it still hurt me to see him this way. I can't blame man for creating such unusual punishments, I blame ourselves. I've failed him." - Beverly Junebed

I hope everyone's brought out the Kleenex, or possibly some closed fists for me in continuously torturing my characters. :< I think these two need a moment together. I'm trying to raise the bar without making it seem too overly ridiculous.

The only thing I don't like about this page is that my Flash program crashes every time I edit the picture on Photoshop. x.x I have those cracked versions of Flash so I guess that's it. As soon as this goes up I'll have to uninstall and re-install Flash again. >.>


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