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15th Dec 2016, 1:00 PM in Issue 14
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15th Dec 2016, 1:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
When the smoke has settled the bats realize their plans have failed, but Patrick himself doubts they were that so immature with blind negligence to have come after him like they did. With the army of enemies reduced, the Thursday thief drops his axe and simply stares forlorn at the damage-- too tired to go on, and lacking a severe amount of sleep and rest. From here Deflora now flies over to him to mince words: surely this impressive feat could be, of course, rewarded, and negotiated as a peace treaty - Milon buried, of course, in exchange for Patrick's skills to become one with the bat family.

"Perhaps someone of your notoriety would be better off being part of some bigger, more beautiful painting of talent and skill, than being newspaper's finest laughing boy all of the European country," the female leader says, grabbing Patrick by the cheek as she hovers in front of him. The mouse would say more, but rest is a top priority-- his mind sways from her confronting eyes but down to her breasts; he clearly is paying no attention to her.

Undaunted, she presses him against the back of a torn box. That is, at least, until suddenly one of the few bat clan family members sweeping in behind her begins a most unsettling cough. A coughing fit grown to be worse, before eventually leading into profuse projectile vomiting which seems to go on for more than a minute.

Patrick and Deflora exchange glances. Surely this gruesome affair, the blood from Pat's axe, was too much to bear-- most wounded, if not dead, the sharp edges having gotten most of them in the right spots. So few walked away...


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