Issue 14 Epilogue

27th Dec 2016, 1:00 PM in Issue 14
Issue 14 Epilogue
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27th Dec 2016, 1:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
And now, the epilogue.

Savvy long-time readers will recognize those barrels from Issue 7. They haven't changed much at all (other than the obvious improvements artistically since then and now. :P). The 'Bottom of the Barrel Tavern' is a respectable place of food, drink, and merriment - well-kept but certainly not out of line, visited by some of the rich, and welcome to the poor to sit a spell. There's a theater and a "private" room for those willing to pay a penny for a lapdance, of course, but the owner has his own list of those welcome to use it. It's biggest notable feature, aside from the occassional strip show, is the large pillar in the middle of the bar. Every week it's regularly pumped with different kinds of alcohol, some important and home grown, and arraned in a way for quick service. Two-floors high, it services many.

Svenn and Funday once visited there, to discuss the bombing a certain feline... it has aged well indeed, still fine, and only moved around due to some human disputes over the years.

Patrick, wartorn but recuperating, decides to lay the past behind him. It he can focus away from the loss of Milon, and, visions of his mother, or Vinnie to that extent, perhaps he can finally bring himself to become... the thief that made him famous since the beginning.

Ah, almost forgot!-- I promised my good friend and talented artist, :icongreyofpta:, a spot in the series in a cameo. :3 Millie Barr's design is based on a sketch Grey did of her in a mouse form, perhaps reserved for Disney's Great Mouse Detective, but she's welcome to appear in KUWT anytime, hehe. ^^ I hope I did her justice as there were no color references that I know of. :hug: There's always room for my friend's to get some cameos in. :)

Millie (c) :icongreyofpta:

And so concludes Issue 14-- hope you all enjoyed it! See you on July 23rd for KUWT Issue 15!


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