Issue 15, p1

3rd Jan 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p1
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Author Notes:

3rd Jan 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Hello everyone! After a series of some minor setbacks, KUWT Isue 15 is now kicking into gear. The Jigsy website has been updated, along with all of Comic-Fury (though they won't actually see -this- issue quite literally until 2017... no joke lol). This would've gone up on Tuesday but I went to see family, but crippling things as well was a bad triple-whammy of insomnia that put my creative drive on a standstill. And then of course the summer heat did me literally no favors whatsofreakin'ever lol. XD

We being our tale almost a few days after the events of Issue 14... Vinnie, Svenn, and Funday have managed to escape in a private sanctuary beneath the streets, the sewage home. Svenn has been kept oddly quiet with the two, leaving Funday and Vinnie some time to reclaim some of their lost energy until the snow dies down. Beverly, meanwhile, has returned home but has not been in the best of spirits - silent, and still, perhaps a little sickly. Plagued by thoughts of Vinnie's possible well-intended bit of honestly, she is taken aback and hurt by the notion that has now let a criminal out back into the wild.

However, before we can see our rodents again, here is Beauregard Finnigan. A cat who's reputation as the cat who can clean up after the infamous Thursday Thief amongst other notable animal criminals - some of whom were apart of the very prison our trio escaped from. He works in the head office at least twice a week to be in correspondence with one particular figure, who's helped him in these conquests of peace.

Today, he'll be expecting something... a letter.


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