Issue 15, p4

10th Jan 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p4
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Author Notes:

10th Jan 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Finnigan has written his reply - short and sweet compared to what he had received from his penpal - and intends to return it. In keeping in tune with the cameo poll I put up awhile back, my friend :icongoku-san:'s Trevor Mallard makes an appearance here as the mail courier of the time and period, even so far as wearing the uniform. Hopefully accurate, of course.

For those wondering, the rookery was a term given to the slums of the day. Places like East End, Old Nichol, were places notorious for being on the definite poor side of town. With animals and humans sharing the world in the universe of KUWT, one can definitely assume bigger and more wild creatures have completely hijacked places like those. It was declared almost completely unhabited by humans due to the nature of like-minded thinking, walking and talking creatures, and blocked off from anyone else who dared enter.

On a side note, just letting you know - I've announced on :iconkeeping-up-fans: that KUWT -might- be joining SpiderForest comics collective soon! Nothing is official right now, I've sent in an application but I won't know how things look until the end of the month. But I will say if it goes according to plan, there may be some large changes coming soon for KUWT as a result; namely, an exclusivity clause as a result. (in the process making dA/FA/ComicFury officially mirror sites). Don't worry, that doesn't mean they'll own anything as far as I know, but in exchange for helping me get KUWT really out there, I'll be participating in their community in a fair deal. :) I'll still be on dA/FA though, I won't be leaving, it just means comics will be posted there first - then everywhere else.

I'm kinda looking forward to it, but that's okay, I think it'll be okay otherwise. :3


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