Issue 15, p9

22nd Jan 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p9
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22nd Jan 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"Talking with my sister in these moods takes some time... I had to slowly work with her on coming out of it; she is making a bit of progress in not falling completely into despair. Even as I talked to her about my little journey with the men I work with in the family company, I could see she was distant-- uninterested. I didn't feel it would be fair to bring up men as a whole; father had told me everything, as did mother, too. Instead, I brought up something else...

Beverly's interest had been in classical works growing up, so much so that she played on the piano we've owned for years. One of our heirlooms, if I recall. Knowing that the Royal Albert Hall was going to be playing Schubert and Beethoven side by side, it seemed to spark her interest that she turned around to face me. I wouldn't say her face lit up with happiness, but it was the last rope to catch her. What was once deep in endless space, she found something to listen to.

Of course, would she listen to me all the way if I had told her what was to happen next?..."

- Elizabeth Junebed

I didn't want to bore folks with what they already knew from the issues so far. Beverly would like Vinnie to make up his mind: tell the truth, or redeem himself and make up for it. But everthing happening has lost her confidence and falling prey back to the past again. Perhaps, for a moment, something more serene and mellow would sooth her spirits... - Like, subscribe, share!


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