Issue 15, p10

24th Jan 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p10
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Author Notes:

24th Jan 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Beverly's fear of the outside, on top of what could happen if she gets caught, suddenly kick in... but Elizabeth persists. Being cooped up with too much to drink with nightmarish visions could only make things worse - even if their mother did what felt right after the prison escape incident. Thankfully the news wave of Beverly's involvement hasn't caused too much of a stir, at least, nothing too disastrous.

"No, I insist," says Elizabeth, "And besides, I have my own date plans. It's not as if the theater isn't going away, or not going to plan something special the next year. Please take it, sister-- if mother asks I'll say you're resting."

Elizabeth keeps her words short, and avoids saying anything that might start getting her sister into an emotional situation. She eases back a bit, letting Beverly shake her hand, but-- after seeing the reassuring smile, Beverly slowly, very slowly, finally comes closer to look at the large ticket. - Like, subscribe, share!


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