Issue 15, p18

12th Feb 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p18
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12th Feb 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"When we entered, it was everything I had expected it to be... a cup, a hammer, numerous leaking pipes with running water coming from the above. There were bricks of various buildings and the walls around them, discolored from a state of decay and projects left unfinished from the humans up above. I felt inclined that I had to ask them what on Earth possessed them to want to live in such a trashy place, but then I'd feel like such a scumbag criticizing their choices and lifestyle. Patrick could've said a lot worse but I was in the company of two people I remember of days gone by, when it wasn't just me and him working together.

As Funday held me close to keep warm, it wasn't until Svenn pointed me in the direction of a 'treasure chest' of homemade clothing that Funday possibly put together herself. Svenn had stolen or 'borrowed' everything else, such as a few doll clothes from children's toys and collectibles. Funday's clothing options were a lot nicer: sweaters of multi-colored patches-- red with yellow on the sleeves, green around the middle, with blue and white cross-sections around the back. It wasn't limited to just the shirts either, the pants looked like a quilt cut-out of various things she's seen together. When it wasn't fabric, there were parts used as spares-- some of the stockings were clippings from ads, or the newspapers.

When the two began changing, I couldn't help but notice there were a lot of newspapers. Obsessively a lot of newspapers. Had they just been placemats for the floor I wouldn't have been too concerned, and at least one for reading material and Funday to doodle happy faces on the boring photographs shown herein. They were on the walls, between books, the bricks too, some even pinned on the walls. Maps, even. There wasn't very many when we first entered, but I soon noticed there were stockpiles of them on an upper 'floor'.

Just as I was about to ask if they had any glasses, my wet feet suddenly lost their balance and I fell on my butt on top of-- of course, more newspapers. I had to dry myself fast, it was already still chilly when we fell into the sewers, but as my prison pants began to fall to my knees I found myself looking more and more like a stooge in their company. I said nothing, and kept my voice shut. Funday was the kindest of the two, but Svenn's chuckling run with me for a little while."

- Vinnie, diary entry/unmarked

Author's note, please excuse the crappiness of this page. ^^; Hit with a flu bug and a hectic schedule, I lost my train of thought with this page and had to sacrifice a bit of time to kinda be on schedule again with this. This is probably the first issue I've had the most difficult time writing for, lol, and with more frequent bouts of taking time off than I've ever had. XD;;

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