Issue 15, p23

23rd Feb 2017, 2:00 PM in Issue 15
Issue 15, p23
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23rd Feb 2017, 2:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
From the diary of Vinnie Edenton, date unmarked...

"Svenn didn't seem to support my ambition, and for that I didn't seem to mind... I've learned enough from Patrick to try and do my own solo act. Granted, I was more feeble than him, but that didn't mean I was dumb by any means-- I just had to think this one logically, and through, without winding back on to where I was again. Second chances don't come often.

When he and Funday offered me a place to sleep I really didn't know where to go. A lack of pants-- mine were still wet-- didn't really help either, and it was embarrassing walking around almost naked around these two. I figured my best bet was to grab some random clothing and sleep on the newspapers again, but before I could, we heard a startling rumbling sound.

What I assumed was their mountain of trash finally coming down on top of us, I later looked up-- something was happening above the streets. It didn't sound too good. Dirt, dust, smoke, and debris comin down from the skies. More trash, of all things! No bricks, thankfully, but I wasn't sure what to make of it.

Svenn stopped me before I could take a look, saying, 'This usually happens. A lot of the junk that gets tossed down here, when it's not dumped by vagrants passing through here, it's usually some dummy trying to be funny and dumping it in a manhole here out of laziness.'

I shrugged. We were beneath the slums after all. Some goons were probably just looking for a cheap way to drop their junk in here... one person's trash is another person's home, I suppose." - Like, subscribe, share!


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