14th Mar 2017, 7:00 AM in Issue 16
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14th Mar 2017, 7:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
KUWT is a weird little parody of classic cartoons, while still acknowledging it's roots and tributes to them. You've got the humans living the normal lives as we know it, there's the feral animals like this rat from hell, and the cartoony-animals who share this world. It's three different breeds all trying to co-exist.

As time has been going on, the feral aren't too happy about trying to live life normally.. their kind of realistic normal that is. Things like Svenn and company have things like nicely built homes, laws, rules to abide by, clothing, being able to craft and create, doing human things-- even perfect human speech. The feral animals are still perfecting that ability, but are still abolished altogether in favor of being wiped out.

This rat isn't going to play nice. It's found Svenn and Funday's home, and it wants in-- all the more okay with kicking our heroes... out!


Characters, Artwork, KUWT and Story (c) Aaron Mocksing, all rights reserved; 2010-2015
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