Issue 2, page 20

1st Jul 2014, 8:00 AM in Issue 2
Issue 2, page 20
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1st Jul 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Hello everyone! I'm going to be now re-uploading the Issue 2 'Keeping Up with Thursday' renovated pages. Some of these comics are being redrawn from scratch and some of these are being done with :iconsirqaucky:'s help. Right now it's being something of a mash-up of both, but we'll definitely be working together when we can find one. A lot of Issue 2 looks bad and can use some pick-me-ups... but you can still find the original series on DrunkDuck webcomics before the edits! (please click the below links for details).

Most of this page remains the same as the original. :3 Just darker, moodier, and well, again... easier on the eyes. :3 I didn't edit anything with Photoshop with one exception being the candle. Once again Marie appears, in a nightgown, for the night to comfort little Horace.

And some nice candle glow. x3


"Keeping Up with Thursday" characters, story and artwork by Aaron Mocksing
Restoration and Photoshop Editing Consultant: :iconsirquacky:


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