Issue 3, page 6

10th Aug 2014, 8:00 AM in Issue 3
Issue 3, page 6
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10th Aug 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Hello everyone, it's that time again~! All of Issue 3 of my webcomic "Keeping Up with Thursday" is getting the reboot and renovation project treatment. Pages will be spruced up, cleaned up, and either redone entirely or simply re-edited to make sure everything flows a little bit better. Two years after it's initial arrival in June 2011, my webcomic has undergone a big change in art design and program tools (and skills) which could sincerely help bringing about a new audience.

Too much talk and poor Milon is the first to feel the effects of the rumbling mountain beneath him. What could this mean?

...Only one thing. And boy did this page receive another big change and overhaul. Milon getting better (well, in terms of not looking silly this time around) to set up the danger about to happen.

Besides the fact Horace is brave enough to push Patrick's buttons. xD


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