Issue 3, page 8

14th Aug 2014, 8:00 AM in Issue 3
Issue 3, page 8
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14th Aug 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Hello everyone, it's that time again~! All of Issue 3 of my webcomic "Keeping Up with Thursday" is getting the reboot and renovation project treatment. Pages will be spruced up, cleaned up, and either redone entirely or simply re-edited to make sure everything flows a little bit better. Two years after it's initial arrival in June 2011, my webcomic has undergone a big change in art design and program tools (and skills) which could sincerely help bringing about a new audience.

When you call a weasel a jackass, naturally, you're going to get stomped... if you're smaller, of course. I'm sure when they're picking on somebody their own size, it's a whole nother story-- but Patrick felt the brunt of that one! Face down, I'd say! Ha ha haaaaa! ...okay, enough of that silly banter.

You're probably wondering why I'm posting this early: well, I've hit a hard spot again. Since this was only two panels long and didn't require anything complicated to draw, I've already gone ahead and decided to open up commissions now. I also have a full list set on FurAffinity ready to go, which you can find here: -- Every Thursday I will begin assembling the list and you're welcome to sign up. I will be including those who've asked for commissions here onto that list, so if you're on FA, better request it now.

I appreciate the support, guys. :) It's time I start giving back to you. :hug:


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