Issue 3, page 19

9th Sep 2014, 8:00 AM in Issue 3
Issue 3, page 19
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9th Sep 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Hello everyone, it's that time again~! All of Issue 3 of my webcomic "Keeping Up with Thursday" is getting the reboot and renovation project treatment. Pages will be spruced up, cleaned up, and either redone entirely or simply re-edited to make sure everything flows a little bit better. Two years after it's initial arrival in June 2011, my webcomic has undergone a big change in art design and program tools (and skills) which could sincerely help bringing about a new audience.

Same as the original. Svenn gets a new bit of dialogue which strengthens reasons you'll probably see once you get to Issue 9, I believe. Evidently Svenn is definitely freaked out by these prospects and LeBrand in the page before definitely has not helped.

I was going to have Milon make a quip which kinda brings the side comics of last year to tie Miranda closer to the comic just a little bit, as she's only seen in Issue 7 but plays some small roles as LeBrand and Milon's third companion, but it did kind hurt the flow a little bit. I think Svenn's line works better considering the gravity of the situation versus a light comical moment. Hence, only LeBrand's original dialogue stays.

I didn't think about it while doing it, but I completely forgot about Trissa's line about checking up on Patrick and Funday. xD I guess I can merge it onto page 20... This was a complete accident on my part as I think the core three panels otherwise were more important.


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